Emergency Roof Repair – Easy Way to Deal With It

Emergency Roof Repair – Easy Way to Deal With It

Terrible weather or wear and tear over the years is bound to affect the roof of any building. Emergency roof repairs are needed in case of such disasters because you simply cannot let the water drip away. Not only can it destroy the furniture but after a while, even the sound of dripping water can seem terrible. To avoid getting into a situation like that, people either hire emergency roof repairs services or simply carry them out using their own tools and an understanding of what goes where.

There are plenty of options to consider when you are about to commit to an emergency roof repair. You have to ask yourself. “Am I really in need of a complete roof repair or can it stand firm with a minor one?” Depending on how you answer this question, you will most likely be able to determine the cost of the entire project. You will find a huge gap when you compare the cost of having it done by an external party to doing it yourself. You also need to determine if it is a simple leak repair or a complicated flat roof repair.

This article will take you through the necessary steps and help you understand how a simple roof repair help to make your life a whole lot easier.

When Do You Need an Emergency Roof Repair?

If your roof has been severely damaged or is leaking, you need to understand that it requires a repair so it doesn’t get any worse. If you wait too long to get the repairs done, you might worsen the situation because the more you wait, the more there is a chance for the roof to cave in. There are several signs your roof can give you if it indeed needs repairs. The first and foremost will be the damaged exterior. People usually end up ignoring their roof from time to time from the outside because there is a preconceived notion that any problem can only arise from the inside.

If the building is old or has been damaged by a recent storm, you must look at the top of your roof. The visual inspection will give you a clear idea of where the problem lies if any. The second thing you must notice should be damaged bits and pieces. If there are signs of some missing or cracked shingles, or if some granules have leaked out from the outer roof, chances are that the next rainstorm will get through them and get into the house. You must also inspect if any area along the inner roof of the building is sagging. This will be a region that clearly shows signs of water leakage because of a warped surface instead of a straight one.

The third sign would be any sort of moss or algae growth along the roof. Moss or any plant that grows along the roof can dig deep into the cracks and help to widen them. This can reduce the life of your roof and you will probably end up facing problems in the long-run. Some simpler signs include light passing through the roof and into rooms as well as signs of moisture that leave marks on the inside. You will also see paint or wallpaper just ripping apart on its own from that point.

Emergency Roof Leak Repair:

Despite the fact that manufacturers keep weather conditions in account, roof conditions can rapidly deteriorate over time. The most common problem that requires an emergency roof repair is a leak that just won’t stop. They can not only be detrimental to the furniture inside but they also cause discoloring of the roof which ends up ruining the entire look. You may find puddles on the floor and it can be nasty when you’re alone in your room with nothing but the dripping sound. Even if you do keep a bucket, it won’t stop.

A quick fix to this issue would be to use tarpaulin. If bad weather is what’s stopping you from entirely fixing your roof problem, use a bunch of duct tape and tarpaulin to fix the leak entirely. A more permanent solution would be to use sheet metal patches that are aligned side by side and welded together to stop water from going in. Some cement is also applied to the heads to prevent water from leaking through the nails used on the edges.

This kind of emergency roof leak repair is cheap and can also last a long time. The only thing you’ll have to worry about now is a tree falling because these sheet metal patches have a long lifespan.

Emergency Roof Repair Cost:

This takes us to the next point of interest. What is the cost associated with any emergency roof repair? To put this into perspective, you need to understand that leak repairs have different costs than flat roof repairs. The kind of material you use and who is using it to fix your roof is what determines your overall cost.

As of 2019, there are plenty of roof repair services in the market that are innovating better sheets of metal and other materials to completely eradicate the need for roof repairs in the long-run. Because of this, the prices have risen slightly and the cost of any minor emergency roof repair is around $150 to $400. Any moderate repairs would cost you $500 to $1000. Lastly, any major repairs like completely removing and replacing the outer and inner layers of your roof can cost you from $1100 to $1400.

This information is based on the average homes (about 2000 sq. ft.) that have asphalt rooftops and have gone through severe weather conditions lately. Any customization to the roofs can cost you additionally which you can take up with the repair service. If you are undertaking the project yourself, the only cost you’ll have to bear is the cost of the materials.

Emergency Flat Roof Repair:

The biggest problem with flat roofs is that of them having no protective layer that can save them from the sun and rain. Water can accumulate on top of your roof if you don’t have a drainage pipe and it can end up causing a leak. Unlike asphalt roofs that are at an angle, these roofs are more prone to damage, yet they do provide a good space for a roof garden or a simple smoke.

Early signs of flat roof damage include a black or brown moisture patch that starts to assimilate on the surface. If not treated, chances are that algae can grow into these patches and form cracks on the rooftop causing rainwater to go through them. If the flat roof is made of wood and is exposed to the elements, it can end up rotting the wood, therefore, reducing the overall life of the roof.

If you find such signs on your roof, the quickest thing you can do is to use Rust-Oleum. It is a kind of waterproofing agent that is an emergency fix for the flat roof repair. It can easily fix the cracking problem. If you find vegetation on your rooftop, you can use this to clear it away.

However, a more permanent form of flat roof repair would be to apply a thin layer of bitumen primer that can protect your roof against damage of all kinds. The material with which your flat roof is made followed by the kind of layers also determine which one of these two materials can fix the problem. For example, a fiber-glass roof can easily get fixed by using acetone and grit paper with a resin coating. You first have to remove the damaged area from the rooftop and then apply the coating to completely seal it. Make sure you know what kind of roof you have.


Accidents and dealing with emergencies are a part of life. Instead of worrying about what you can do in a situation, go ahead and do some research on the internet. You will find plenty of articles and resources such as this one to help you get through a leaking roof problem and you might even get some tips on improving the lifespan of your roof. If you find that your roof cannot take anymore beating by the current weather, you can simply check with your local roofing services and have a roofer fix the problem.

However, if you feel the fix is a minor one, we recommend you mend it yourself. You can get the materials needed from the nearest store which can help you fix the problem. The bottom line is that everyone faces a bad roof no matter how strong they’ve built their homes. Just be sure to check up on your roof once in a while for any signs that might require the appropriate kind of repair.

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