Roof Leak Repair Cost – Easy Quick Complete Guide

Roof Leak Repair Cost – Easy Quick Complete Guide

Your home is your humble abode. You’ve built it with all the love and care and no wonder that guests are left speechless whenever they visit. People wish to decorate their homes in the best way possible because the home acts as an extension of their personality. For someone who loves colors, your sofas and wallpapers will be colorful. For someone who desires the feeling of an apartment, you’d go for mild and easy. Regardless of your choice, you will have to bear some costs of owning a home and one of them is roof leak repair cost.

Imagine the weather changes and a storm passes by where you live. The rain beats down on the roof all night and when you wake up in the morning, you notice water dripping from a point or a giant mark on the wall, showing the water from the rain has gone through the protective layers and is affecting the paint.

Roof leaks are a common phenomenon and can affect anyone if they are unprepared. A roof’s strength depends on a number of factors which, if ignored, increase the roof leak repair cost. Understanding the average cost for roof leak repair is important. This guide will take you through some of the common steps to access the situation and to comprehend the kind of damage to the roof, along with the factors that contribute towards a stronger and long-lasting roof.

Factors that Affect the Performance of a Roof

A strong roof doesn’t only require strong materials but also skilled workmanship. If you’ve worked on the roof, you must be aware of the effort that goes into making the roof as strong as possible. If your roof was built or repaired by a third-party contractor or roof repair service, the duration the roof lasts will determine the nature of the quality provided.

Other factors that make for a strong roof include:

Amount of Sunlight:

The sun causes wear and tear to occur during the lifetime of your home. Overheating of asphalt or wood can cause shingles to crack and to form irregular patterns. This is a common phenomenon affecting most homeowners, who now have to get these roofs repaired before the rainy season kicks in.

Nearby Tree Branches:

While having a tree near your home provides valuable shade, the tree branches can cause harm to the rooftop. Continuous winds can blow the branches back and forth, hitting the roof. This process not only causes dents but also causes scratches and cracks along with the shingles. The scraping of the roof means that there is a chance that rainwater could make its way inside your home and cause harm to the paint and furniture.

Strong Winds and Rain:

Storms can cause havoc for people who own old homes. Strong winds, blowing at 200 mph, can easily break away the shingles from the roof to your neighbor’s backyard. Other negative effects of strong winds include forms of debris gathering underneath the shingles that suck the moisture and slowly eat away the top layers.

Poor Ventilation of the Attic:

While attics are giant dumping grounds for all the unnecessary things in your home, you have to open up the windows once in a while to let the air out. Poor ventilation of your home can cause the wood to decay faster than usual. This wood acts as a major support for the roof; therefore, the threat of your roof caving is inevitable. If you find these giant beam supports chipped or scraped on the outside, you need to get a repair service professional to take a look and determine the cost of the project.

Roof Leakage Repair Cost

Taking into consideration the different types of leakages that can occur in one roof may be overwhelming. Each kind of roof damage has a separate cost to it. A leaking roof can cost you anywhere from $10 to $120 and we are going to give you the different roof leakage repair costs based on their prices.

Cracked Flashing:

Flashing is a technique that creates a water-proof barrier between two points. If you have a metal roof or metal joints of some kind, it is likely that there is a thin layer of flashing that has been applied to keep them in place. The easy fix to this is that the flashing has to be reapplied so that a brand-new coat can replace the old one. The metal joint stays firmly in place by using this fix. As cracked flashing does not require much effort, you can get the fix at a price of $20 to $25.

Broken Shingles Repair:

Were you hit by a storm recently? Did it blow away a chunk of shingles from your roof? If so, you must quickly get your roof repaired, as the next storm would result in water entering your home. Since this is a more labor-intensive job, the price can go up to anywhere between $40 to $60, plus the price of the materials. There is also the possibility that several shingles were broken in the process, so they must be replaced as well.

Ice Dams:

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of snow either all year long or during the majority of the year, chances are that your roof has ice dams. Ice dams are small pockets of frozen ice that form inside the cracks of a roof. Any type of moisture left behind by rain freezes, due to cold weather, and causes crevices to form. If the temperature ends up fluctuating multiple times, the cracks can get larger and easily create holes in the roof, through which water can reach the furniture in your home.

Fixing ice dams is also a labor-intensive project and can cost you anywhere from $90 to $120. This is a costly repair, however, if ice dams are ignored, the following repairs may prove to be more expensive.

Skylight Leaks:

Your home has several joints that are prone to leaking unless a seal is added. Skylights are one of those weak areas that can break away to leak excess water inside your home. Skylights can sometimes end up trapping water from seasonal downpours and freeze them in place as soon as the temperatures drop. Once that happens, you will find your skylights crack away and make areas through which the water can enter as soon as the ice melts.

However, there is an easy fix to skylight leaks and all they require you is to clear the debris from the old. Scrape off any that won’t come off by hand. Once done, you can apply the adhesive sealant and fix the skylights in place.

Flat Roof Leak Repair Cost

Flat roofs are the most common types of roofs that face a leakage problem. This usually happens because water has no way to exit the roof and forms a puddle. If the puddle is not removed and stays for more than 48 hours, the roof can start to crack because the liquid eats away at the asphalt. Another problem that occurs due to the puddle is the growth of vegetation like moss on the walls. This is undesirable` because the moss latches itself to the roof and slowly eats away at the materials.

A permanent solution to this problem would be to install a drainage system, however, the roof must first be fixed through a repair service. The repair service is bound to ask for a large amount for their services because they not only have to patch small cracks but also must fix chimneys, skylights or any form of pipe flashing that may have occurred. The price can range anywhere from $300 to $400. Contractors would usually charge $75 to $100 per hour for their services.

Small Roof Leak Repair Cost:

Smaller roofs have lesser repairs than larger ones, but the work done is a bit complicated. For starters, it is pretty easy to find the damaged area that is in need of repairs. You can also work on costs while you’re at it because smaller roofs generally cost around $200 to $300 in total. The problem with smaller roofs, however, has to do with the entire material having to be replaced.

The elements chip away at more of the roof than usual because they are more concentrated over a specific area. Furthermore, the beams supporting the smaller roof are weaker comparatively and water can end up ruining them completely. The chances for a cave in are much more prominent in small homes than in larger ones. Although the number of shingles used in smaller roofs is less, the overall structure cannot hold due to the weak wooden foundation.

That’s the reason why you would find owners of small homes repairing their roof, twice as much as larger homeowners would. So even though the cost is less, you will still be paying much more than usual in the long-run.

Minor Roof Leak Repair Cost:

Minor roof repairs are needed either when the age of the house has passed 20 years or when the weather has unexpectedly taken a turn for the worse. Regardless, the situation calls for periodic maintenance. Minor repairs have to do with the usual maintenance work of a home, to prevent any major incidences from occurring in the long run. Minor repairs include replacement of missing shingles on the roof with new ones before the next rainy season. Water can easily seep through an area that is completely uncovered and left to accumulate debris of all kinds.

The debris can cause the layer underneath to rot. The water that accumulates can form ice dams inside of cracks widening them even further. Other minor repairs include you having to take care of your roof personally. This can be done every weekend when you have free time on your hands. You can use your washing equipment to power wash any kind of vegetation like moss or algae that ends up growing on top of your roof.

What’s more is that you can also clean the drainage system. Over time, many leaves and other forms of debris can accumulate on your drainage system that may clog the entire thing completely. What this does is that in the next rainy season, the water will leave behind puddles which can cause several problems for your roof. This is where the minor problem starts to become a major one and can be avoided completely with a little bit of effort and money. To put it into perspective, the cost of fixing a minor leak is anywhere near $30 to $70 but if the problem persists, the costs could rise up to $100 and beyond.

Average Cost for Roof Leak Repair:

With the maintenance work done followed by the yearly repairs, the cost of fixing roof leaks can go quite high. On average, a house owner can spend up to $500 on roof repairs and especially, if they leave the roof unattended for long. Roof repairs are essential and they help save unnecessary expenses.

People who own expensive carpets, rugs and wooden furniture, often spend thousands of dollars on expensive wallpapers to make their homes look exquisite and even if that is not so, the paint coating takes the costs up by almost the same margin.

All that effort is wasted when water starts seeping through the cracks of the roof, into the living room. Not only does the dripping water leave behind terrible marks on the roof but it also ends up weakening the paint until it chips off. Anyone who looks at the paint then would find it unattractive and a new coat of paint is not the solution. So, if you keep facing problems like these, your average costs for roof leak repairs will go up.

Fixing a Leaky Roof Tips:

There are several techniques you can try yourself to fix a leaky roof. Who said anything about hiring a proper roof repair service, when you can do it yourself and drastically reduce the roof repair cost? To find leaky spots, take a garden hose to your roof and start spraying water over it. Identify the areas where the water enters the cracks and drips inside the house. Make sure there is nothing below so that it doesn’t get damaged in the process. Someone else can then mark the spots inside, while you are spraying water.

Another useful tip to fix a leaky roof is by fixing the plumbing condition of the house. Look for any type of cracks in the pipes and cover them up to prevent any further leakages. Sometimes, the roof is not in need of repairs, but the pipelines running inside the walls of your home.

Additionally, to fix leaky walls, nuts, and nails that have aged, must be identified. These nails have faced a lot of wear and tear over the years and have even come loose. Simply replacing them with new nails, hammered properly in place, will do the trick. Rainwater can sometimes use the holes created by nails in the wood as a gateway to the home and terrorize the furniture.

You can even replace the nails on the vents since they too pose a similar problem. However, if your vent is the problem, there is no other solution than to replace the vent entirely. You might be tempted to use caulk and cover up the problem but it won’t be a permanent solution to the issue. Instead, find the right nails to hammer out, replace the old vent with a new one and hammer it into place.

Lastly, there is a way to stop ice dams from forming by removing the shingles one by one and applying adhesive anti-ice dam solutions to the layer beneath the shingles. Ice won’t form as frequently due to this and your roof will be safe from cracks.


Roof repairs may not seem like the most important problem to take care of now, but it can surely end up becoming a big issue. With climate change affecting everything around us, we are bound to see stronger winds, hotter days, colder nights and terrible snowstorms. If you live in a place where weather changes frequently, you should take the advice of your local roof repair service and get your roof checked. These small steps will save you from larger expenses that may tear through your monthly budget.

Leakages, no matter where they might be, are annoying. No one wants to see those brown patches on their walls and the paint chipping off from the sides. No one, especially, wants to see moss grow on their walls, as that’s clearly a health hazard. Homes should look presentable and should show guests that you live inside of a home and not just a structure. It may take some extra cash out of your pocket in the short-run, but gives back a much bigger return.

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