Why wear a male chastity cage ?

Wearing a male chastity cage is a practice that often arouses curiosity and interest. This experience, anchored in the culture of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism), raises questions about the motivations, benefits and implications of this particular practice. By exploring the reasons behind wearing a male chastity cage, you will delve into a fascinating area of sexuality and self-expression, where control, confidence and sexual stimulation meet.

The chastity cage in domination and submission play

The chastity cage is an essential accessory in domination and submission play, finding its roots in BDSM. Increasingly popular, this game can take different forms, from a simple spanking to more elaborate practices. However, the chastity cage represents a further step in submission, as it places the man entirely under the control of his or her partner. You can check this Control Gear for more details.

Locked in his chastity cage, the man loses control over his own sexual pleasure, unable to satisfy his desires without the authorization of his partner. His penis remains trapped and he must wait for the cage to be opened before he can free himself. Thus, the chastity cage becomes a symbol of total submission, where the man must respond to the demands of his partner to obtain his sexual release.

The chastity cage for increased arousal

By wearing a chastity cage, your penis is kept in a state of impediment, unable to fully expand or engage in autoerotic activities. This physical restriction prevents you from giving in to the temptation of masturbation, whether you are with your partner or alone. So all your sexual arousal stays bottled up inside you, fueling more and more intense desire as you wait to be released from your chastity cage.

When your partner releases you from your cage, the buildup of this held-up arousal is released in one explosive moment, creating an intense and rewarding orgasmic experience. The resulting erection is often more intense and prolonged, thus amplifying the pleasure shared with your partner and strengthening the emotional bond between you.

The chastity cage to explore other sexual pleasures

Penetration is often considered the main act during sex, but there are many other ways to pleasure your partner, as well as yourself. By wearing a chastity cage, you are freed from the need for penetration, which allows you to explore other sexual practices such as cunnilingus, fingering, or the stimulation of other erogenous zones such as the anus .

Deprived of the use of your penis for penetration, you can focus your attention on other forms of stimulation, such as using sex toys like a butt plug for your partner’s pleasure. This experience can also pave the way for discovering new pleasures, such as anal pleasure, and allow you to explore your own sensuality in a different and enriching way.

Choosing your chastity cage : criteria to consider

When considering purchasing a chastity cage, it is crucial to consider two main criteria : the length and width of the cage. The length of the cage is important to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, but it is the width that determines whether the cage will suit your anatomy.

It is recommended to measure your penis at rest to determine the correct width of the chastity cage. Use a ruler to get an accurate measurement, focusing on the width of the penis rather than the size of the glans. There are a variety of sizes of chastity cages on the market, and choosing the right size will ensure comfortable wear and optimal effectiveness of the cage.

How to put on a chastity cage ?

When you receive your chastity cage, it may be delivered as a kit to assemble. Before you can use it, you will need to assemble it according to the instructions provided. Once assembled, it’s time to install your penis into the chastity cage by following a few simple steps.

First of all, it is recommended to run your penis under cold water to firm it, as well as your testicles. Next, generously apply silicone-based lubricant to your penis and a little inside the cage to make insertion easier.

Most chastity cages come with a ring that you must first pass your testicles and the base of your penis through. Once the ring is in place, insert the rest of your penis into the second part of the cage and close it with the padlock provided.

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